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Can I Bring My Darts On A Plane?

Can I Bring My Darts On A Plane?

Alex Moss |

What do the rules say about bringing darts on a plane?

Are you planning on entering a darts tournament abroad? Or do you just want to play darts whilst on holiday with your friends or family? You will need to know if you can bring your favourite arrows with you on the flight.

Many airlines and authorities have different rules on what can be brought onto an aircraft. At times, it can feel confusing as to what is allowed on board and what is not.

Here at Darts Corner, we have put together a guide along with some helpful tips on taking your darts on a plane.

Are darts allowed on a plane?

Can I bring my darts on a plane? - Are Darts Allowed On A Plane?

Yes, but there are some restrictions on bringing your darts on a plane. Darts are not allowed to be carried on board in your hand luggage.

As darts are classed as sharp objects, the GOV.UK website says they must be stowed away in your checked luggage.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website, in America, states that ‘any sharp objects in checked bags should be sheathed or securely wrapped to prevent injury to baggage handlers and inspectors.’

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Packing your darts in your luggage

When packing your darts in your checked luggage, it is important to ensure that you keep them in a case or wrapped in some protective material.

This will not only help keep the darts in good condition but will also prevent any injury if security is carrying out checks on your bag.

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What about soft tip darts?

There are no specific guidelines on whether soft tip darts are included with the items that are not allowed in your hand luggage. Soft tip darts differ from steel tip darts in that they have plastic or rubber tips and are considered to be safer.

Soft tip darts may be allowed in both hand and checked luggage, but they must be packed away safely to avoid any injury. If unsure, contact the relevant airline or authority to check their specific rules and regulations before your flight.

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What happens if you do not pack your darts in your checked luggage?

If you fail to follow the guidelines imposed by the airline, then you could be in violation of their legislation. You will likely receive a fine with the sum varying from country to country.

Being caught carrying darts in your hand luggage is not considered to be a serious offence, and in most cases you will only be handed a small fine.

Perhaps more importantly, if you do attempt to take your darts through security, they will be taken off you and disposed of. Make sure you adhere to the rules and regulations to avoid losing your favourite set of darts!

What are the rules in other countries?

Darts has a global following and is played all around the world. Countries outside of the UK follow very similar guidelines, but it is worth checking with the specific authority in advance to double check their own rules on taking darts on a plane.

In the Netherlands, the KLM website indicates that ‘you cannot bring any pointed or edged objects on board that could be used to cause injury.’ Like the UK, it means you would need to pack your darts in your checked luggage.

In America, the TSA states that darts are allowed, but must be stored away in checked luggage and declared to security personnel before boarding the flight.

In Canada, the rules are different. The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) allows darts in both carry on and checked luggage. The CATSA website states: ‘game darts measuring 6cm or less, from the end of the barrel to the point, are permitted in carry-on. Darts with steel points that exceed this length must be placed in checked luggage.’

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What if I do not have checked luggage?

These days many of us fly without a checked bag, so how do you get your darts to your destination without taking them on the plane? If having your own darts with you is essential to your trip, then there are a few options available.

One option is to ask the hotel you are staying at if they will receive your darts via post. Shipping your darts to a friend or family member could also be a possibility, but in both cases, you will need to send them in good time to ensure you have them when you arrive.

Another option is to find a shop when you arrive that sells darts and purchase a new set to use whilst on holiday. It is unlikely you will find somewhere that has your current set of darts available, so you will probably need to use a different set to play with during your trip.

What other accessories do I need to take with me?

Now that you know the rules on bringing darts with you on a plane, you might also need to consider what other darts accessories to take with you on holiday.

We have a range of darts accessories for travelling, which includes dart stands, rucksacks and the Mission Torus 100 Folding Portable Travel Light.

The Torus 100 is a simple way to light up your dartboard when you are on the move. Watch the video below to see the Torus 100 in action.

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