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You can customise your favourite set of darts with items from our extensive range of darts accessories. Our darts accessories can complement your darts setup and get you match ready! Try a different type of dart points to help with your grip or use a dart sharpener to sharpen your darts to make sure they stay in the board. If you are looking for a gift, pick up something from our selection of novelty items which includes air fresheners in the shape of a dart flight!

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What type of darts accessories can help my game?

Once you have your darts and dartboard, it doesn’t stop there! Dart accessories can really up the ante of your game in a number of ways. If you’re looking for more comfort with your dart, try different dart points with both smooth and grippier options available depending on your own personal preference. Try one of our flights research packs which gives you lots of different darts flight shapes and thicknesses to test out to see what works best for you. We also have a variety of Mystery Boxes which can make for the perfect gift with lots of cool accessories included inside! Our range of springs and rings can help your game as they will keep your flights tight and secure in the stems and stop them coming loose and falling out during play.

What are the most useful darts accessories I can buy?

There are several darts accessories that are useful. If you want to take your game a little more seriously these accessories can help you play better and enjoy the sport more. Add a toe-line oche to your setup at home to make sure you are throwing from the correct distance. Using one of our darts sharpeners will keep your darts nice and sharp and reduce the risk of bounce outs. Pick up some hand wax to help with keeping a firm grip on your darts if you have sweaty hands. Stock up on darts flight protectors to make your flights last longer, as they will protect the flights from being damaged by another dart. For the darts fan in your life who has everything, why not consider getting them a dart repointing tool, so they can easily swap their dart points whenever they need to.

Take a look at our top picks for darts accessories to really up your game here. We also have useful guides on how to repoint a dart and how to sharpen your darts. Need some advice on dart accessories? Use our contact us page to speak with our customer services team.

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