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Occasionally we may give out Discount Codes via various methods.  If you want to ensure you do not miss out on our promotional codes or other promotional activities that we undertake - please look at the following:

Restrictions on Use

  1. Clearance Corner - Codes will NOT work on any items that are featured in the Clearance Corner section of our website, or our Specials Page. This is due to the fact that these items are already heavily discounted. (This also includes the Clearance Shirts - both Kids and Adults.)
  2. Quantity Discounts - Codes will NOT work on any item with Quantitiy Discounts once the first tier has been exceeded. e.g. (10+ sets of Flights etc). They will work if only quantities of 1-9 are purchased.
  3. Codes may be also be limited with an Expiry Date - which is usually listed below the code itself.
  4. Discount Codes are applied only on the Net Price of the products themselves and does not apply to any taxes or shipping.

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