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How to Play Killer Darts

How to Play Killer Darts

Tom Meza |

If you’re looking to inject some excitement into your darts games, then here at Darts Corner we have the game for you; Killer Darts. This dynamic game is perfect for friendly competitive games or anyone looking to add some variety to their play sessions.

Killer is a game that can work well with odd numbers of players or large groups as it tends to play rather quickly. The aim of this game is to eliminate and knock out your opponents, as opposed to winning by reaching a particular score. The rules are simple, but also encourage clever use of tactics and strategy. So, how do we get started?

Number of players 3–unlimited (more players may require teams)
Determined in the opening round All numbers on the dartboard and the bullseye.
The goal Hit your double three times to become a killer, then eliminate others by hitting their numbers with your darts.

Killer Darts rules

1. What’s your number?

The starting phase of the game is to determine what your ‘number’ will be. This is the target that others will have to hit with their darts to eliminate you.

Every player taking part throws one dart at the dartboard. This is to be taken using the players non-dominant hand.

(Left dominant = Right hand throw/ Right dominant = Left hand throw)

The number scored is then assigned as your ‘number’.

2. Become a killer

It is the goal of each player to become a killer, as you must become a killer before you start to eliminate others.

To become a killer you must land a dart in the double section of your number. (Depending on the skill level of the people playing, you may want to set the rule that you must hit your double three times before achieving killer status.)

Top tip: It is possible to eliminate another player before they are also a killer, so earning killer status as soon as possible gives you an advantage.

3. Start the killing

During each round, the killers will have three attempts scoring against other players by landing a dart in their double numbers.

When a double is hit, one of your victim’s (other players) lives is removed from the scoreboard. Once you achieve killer status, you must be cautious as landing on your own double will result in one of your lives being taken.

Even when some players are killers, non-killers in the game still have three attempts to hit their doubles in order to gain killer status for themselves.

The game ends when there is only one player left with lives on the scoreboard.

How to score Killer Darts

Scoring is straightforward when it comes to killer darts. Simply list each player's name or initial down the left hand side of the board. Directly beside their name you mark their ‘number’. Once all the numbers are confirmed you can then draw a dividing line to start keeping scores.

Be sure to also mark three little 1’s beside each name - this signifies their lives remaining.

Ensure you mark a ‘K’ next to any player who becomes a ‘killer’.

Each time a killer takes a life it must be rubbed from the board. The last player on the scoring board with a life wins.

Killer Darts variations

There are many ways to enjoy this killer game. Variations come from all around the world and take into consideration players preferences, skill levels and enjoyability.

If you’re playing in a larger group then differences in players’ skills can become an issue. To make it a more level playing field, higher skilled players can make triple scores a target to become a killer.

You can also change the rules to start with six levels. This is a good trick if the average skill level of your group is high and you want to extend the game to last longer.

Boost the challenge factor and make it a longer game by adjusting the game rules so there is only one killer at a time. The other players must then try to obtain killer status by hitting the killer’s double.

Top tip: The blind killer is another popular variation where you do not know which number belongs to who. This works best when you have quite a few people.

Tips for Killer Darts

  • If you have a good aim with your ‘off-hand’, then you can aim away from other players numbers so that when the scoring begins you are less likely to hit your own by accident.

  • Avoid killing players with assigned numbers adjacent to your own.If you miss theirs and hit your own, you are cheating yourself.

  • Avoid hitting the bullseye during the ‘What’s your number?’ stage as this can turn a fun, quick game into a frustrating long-winded game with other players struggling to eliminate you.

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