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How To Play Online Darts

How To Play Online Darts

Alex Moss |

How To Play Online Darts: Online Platforms, Equipment & Tips

The online darts scene has seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years with more players creating their own darts setups at home and playing against other people from around the world – all from the comfort of their own home! New technology has led to the number of online darts leagues and tournaments continuing to grow, as lots of players invest in a webcam for darts so they can show their dartboard to their opponent and see all of their scores.

This blog will walk you through how to play darts online and explore the best online darts platforms, including N01 (Nakka), Lidarts and DartConnect, so you too can start testing your skills against other players in no time!

Choosing the right platform to play

There are various platforms to choose from when it comes to playing online darts. One of the most popular ones is through the Webcam Darts Association (WDA), which enables players to use their own equipment, such as a traditional steel tip dartboard, and then manually input their scores.

The WDA is known as one of the leading darts webcam organisers and requires all of its players to play with a webcam showing their dartboard. Many other platforms do not list a webcam as being an essential to play, and in most cases to play darts online all you will need is a dartboard, a set of darts and a device (mobile phone, tablet or laptop) with an internet connection.

Webcam Darts Association

Webcam Darts

The WDA is a favourite online darts platform for many players with it offering organised leagues and tournaments, along with friendly matches, against fellow darts enthusiasts from all over the world. A simple sign up process helps players to quickly join the WDA’s huge online community, where you can set up a game of darts with another player within minutes.

Some WDA players will look for the best webcam for darts to enhance their playing experience, with the option to stream your matches or watch other matches in real time. All you need to become a part of the WDA community is a dartboard, darts and a webcam with a microphone. The WDA then provides the rest for players with competitive events, such as leagues and weekly tournaments, as well as a chat lobby for players to communicate and organise friendly games. Your match statistics can also be saved into an easily accessible database, so you can view your own progress as well as the stats of other players too.

N01 (Nakka)

Nakka Darts

N01, often referred to as Nakka, is another great solution for players wanting to know how to play darts online at home. This platform enjoyed a spike in popularity during lockdown as many new players took up the game whilst at home, and existing players turned to online darts for their darts fix during the period when in-person darts was not possible.

N01 also has its own lobby where you can connect with other players from around the world. Each player’s running three-dart average is displayed so you can find an opponent similar to your own ability, and you can set the length of game you want to play, for example first to three legs. Matches can be played with or without a webcam, and in the lobby you can also follow the scores of other matches that are currently happening.

This platform also offers the chance to play in online tournaments and leagues, along with a darts scorer to play at home against your friends or on your own against the computer. There are 12 different levels of difficulty for the vs computer mode, so whatever your own ability you will have a competitive match to play in.

Other ways to play online


There are many other platform options for how to play online darts, including Lidarts. This is an online service which is free to use and allows you to play online games with or without a webcam. Sign up using the quick and easy registration form and you will be directed to a lobby where you can start playing in matches against other people. There is also an option to practice by playing against the computer, with nine different levels of difficulty to choose from.

Dart Connect

DartConnect is another popular choice for playing darts online with it also being the system used by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) to score many of their tournaments. This platform can be used with or without a webcam and offers players a wealth of data and statistics as it tracks every dart in every game. Joining DartConnect for a small monthly fee allows players to download their scoring application and access the full range of available features.

The Graded Online Darts Leagues (GDL) is a great way to play darts online and against other players from around the world, but all from the comfort of your own home. The GDL offers a league system, with players grouped together by their ability level, to ensure matches are more competitive. Player averages in the GDL range from the 30s and up to the 90s, catering for a whole variety of players.

Dartsmind is a scoring application used for playing online darts with your friends. The Dartsmind app has many other features, including a bunch of practice games and party games if you are playing in-person darts, and provides players with detailed statistics to help analyse and improve your skills. Join the app’s game lobby to find someone to play against online and benefit from auto-scoring for your matches using your phone or tablet’s built-in camera.

If you are looking for a more casual approach, you can use video calling software such as Skype, Facetime or GoogleMeet to play darts against your friends from home. This option does not come with a darts scoring system, but is ideal if you are just wanting to socialise with friends online whilst throwing some darts.

Integrated Systems

Darts Corner stocks several products that will make online darts even easier and more fun than ever. This range includes a number of integrated systems whereby an electronic scoreboard is connected to the associated app, with a camera built into the dartboard.

The GranBoard collection is one of our best selling options for playing soft tip darts online. This system provides players with the ability to play several different games against players from all around the globe. This integrated system includes an electronic scoreboard that connects to the GranBoard app which is compatible with iOS and Android, and can be used on your phone, tablet or smart TV.



GranBoard features in the best online dartboard range and helps make playing darts fun and engaging for players of all ages and skill levels. This world-famous brand has a selection of revolutionary soft tip boards that work in conjunction with the GranBoard app to help you keep track of the scores in your matches. These electronic boards will automatically calculate your scores in your online matches. GranBoard has one of the largest online darts communities and allows you to play online and interact with other players from all around the world.

The GranBoard GranCam is an accessory you can add to your setup to make it even better. This is a secondary camera which can enhance your playing experience when in online matches and includes a dynamic auto zoom feature that can really build the excitement in an intense game online with your friends! The GranBoard collection includes the GranBoard 132 and GranBoard 3S, which have a unique LED design that lights up during play and looks great in any games room at home!

Get familiar with rules and game formats

Each online darts platform may have their own rules and game formats, so it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with these before you start playing. By knowing the rules and formats of the platform you are using, it will help you to have a smooth experience and not get caught out by anything whilst you are playing.

Practice for competitions

Practicing regularly will help players to develop their darts skills and create a fun and competitive experience. Many of the platforms and integrated systems for playing darts online, such as GranBoard, have the option to play against the computer. This allows players to get as much practice in as they have time for whilst on their own, but still replicating the scenario of playing against someone else.

Respecting players online

It is important to be respectful of your opponents when you are playing darts online. Be sure to follow the platform’s code of conduct and embrace the camaraderie and sportsmanship that comes with a game of darts. Much like the traditional in-person version, competitiveness still high in the online darts sphere, but make sure you show respect to your opponents and be gracious in defeat as well as in victory.

Your game begins now

Now you know everything there is to know about how to play darts online with friends, it is time to take the plunge and start playing! If you have been thinking about playing darts online, check out our full range of dartboards and pick one up to get started with your own darts setup at home.

Darts Corner also stocks a wide selection of steel tip darts and soft tip darts, with plenty of different weights and designs to choose from to help you find the set that suits your style the best. Taking your darts game online is a great way to play the game and join a large community of players who also like to play at home and in matches against people from all over the world.

Check out our ‘How To Darts Guides’ section of the blog for more tutorials and information about everything darts.

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