How to Play Snooker Darts

Fan of both snooker and darts? We’ve got just the game for you. Ideal for playing on your homedartboardor with a group of friends at your local pub, snooker darts is a fun darts game that’ll be easy to pick up whether you’re familiar with the rules of snooker or not.

Want to learn how to play snooker on a dartboard? Here at Darts Corner, we’ve created a definitive game guide for you to follow.

Number of players required:2 individuals or 2 teams.

You’ll need:

  • 1 dart each
  • Standard Dartboard
  • Way of keeping score

    Game objective

    The game of snooker darts follows the same rules and scoring pattern as standard snooker. In snooker darts, each number on the dartboard represents a ball colour and each has a points value. Hitting each ball with your dart and closing them off is the equivalent of potting them. The objective is to close off all the numbers on the board before the other player/team! Read on for our full instructions on how to play snooker darts below.

    How to Play Snooker on a Dartboard

    To decide who starts, each player throws a dart to the board. The player who hits closest to the bullseye starts the game.

    The starting player must then throw their dart to hit a number between 1–15, which represents the red balls. If they strike a red ball, they gain a point. They must then throw for a coloured ball, after stating first which one they’re aiming for. Coloured balls are numbered between 16–bullseye and have different point values, as seen below:

    1-15 = red balls worth 1 point

    16 = yellow ball worth 2 points

    17 = green ball worth 3 points

    18 = brown ball worth 4 points

    19 = blue ball worth 5 points

    20 = pink ball worth 6 points

    Bullseye = black ball worth 7 points

    If they hit their targeted number, the player then aims again for the red balls and then the coloured balls again, and so on. Once a red ball is hit, it is removed from the board.

    The player can then keep shooting until they miss their target.

    If the player misses their intended target, it’s a four-point penalty or the face-value of the colour they hit. If a player is aiming for a coloured ball but hits a red, it is counted as a miss and there is no penalty.

    When all 15 red balls are hit and removed from the game, the player then aims for the coloured balls in order of their point value. As these balls are hit, they too are closed off and removed from the game.

    If a coloured ball is hit out of order, a penalty of four points is given or the face-value of the colour hit. If a dart falls from the board, it is also a four point penalty. If a player throws a dart onto the outer ring, it is considered a miss and receives no penalty.

    The game ends when a player manages to close off all the numbers!

    And there you have the rules of snooker darts on a standard dartboard. The great thing about snooker darts is that you can play anywhere where there’s a board and it’s a fun and easy alternative to a traditional game of darts that people of all skill levels can enjoy.

    Alternatively, if you become a big fan of the game or if you’re looking for a gift for someone who is, you can also purchase a snooker dartboard specifically designed for the game. Here at Darts Corner, we sell game boards, which makes gameplay even simpler by replicating the layout of a snooker table.


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