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How to Sharpen Your Darts Properly

How to Sharpen Your Darts Properly

Claris Moreno |

What’s the best way to sharpen darts?

Too many bounce outs? Do you need to sharpen the points of your steel tip darts? It doesn’t matter if you have an expensive set of darts or a beginner set, it is important to take good care of them and sharpening your darts properly will help to ensure they are in the best shape for your matches.

This guide will walk you through how to sharpen darts in a variety of different ways, including how to use a dart sharpener, and the correct type of point you want to have when playing darts. This blog includes all the tips and tricks you need to be on your best game, as well as providing helpful advice in regards to how sharp your points need to be and how often you need to sharpen your darts.

How to sharpen darts using a sharpener

How To Use A Darts Sharpener

Once you have chosen your preferred dart sharpener (see below for help on choosing), now it is time to learn how to sharpen a dart. As you will soon discover, finding out how to sharpen darts with a sharpener can be mastered relatively quickly.

  1. Insert the blunt dart tip inside the sharpener and begin to gently grind the tip in soft and circular motions. We recommend doing this for around 10-20 seconds.
  2. Check the tip by brushing it with your fingers. If you feel a jagged or rough surface, then repeat the sharpening process for another 10-20 seconds.

And that’s it! Easy right? It’s as simple as sharpening a pencil, but you just need to make sure you avoid pressing too hard into the sharpener as this may result in a ruined tip.

Showing a little love and care towards your darts points by using a sharpener should be an essential part of your routine no matter how often you play!

Watch the video below with ex-professional Wayne Mardle on how to sharpen your darts.

What to look for in a darts sharpener

Many of the options in our range are all relatively inexpensive so there is no excuse for having unmaintained darts!

When it comes to choosing a darts sharpener, our recommendations to look for include:

  • Cylinder or bowl shaped
  • Made of stone
  • Small and comfortable to hold
  • An outer sheath

One of our best selling sharpening tools is the Mission Dart Sharpener Round inside Keyring. This sharpener comes attached to a strong stainless steel ring which you can fit to your keys, meaning you can always keep your dart points in perfect condition no matter where you are.

The Unicorn Jiffy Dart Sharpener is also a popular choice amongst players. This sharpener is double ended which gives you twice the longevity of a regular sharpener, and it is made of original abrasive sharpening stone and the best quality vitrified silicon carbide. 

How to sharpen your darts properly

When it comes to looking after your favourite set of darts you will want to get it just right. Even if you have an expensive dart, it will still require as much maintenance as a less expensive alternative. Using a dart sharpening tool to sharpen your darts will help make your darts last longer and also your dartboard at home too.

Picking up a dart sharpening tool and making it part of your darts care routine is the perfect way forward. The skill of knowing how to sharpen darts properly is one that can be acquired very quickly, as using a darts sharpener is a simple and effective way to look after your darts. For players of all skill levels, having your own dedicated darts sharpener to use whenever you need to is the ideal solution to fixing the problem of burrs and blunt darts.

The importance of having properly sharp darts

Whether you are a casual player and just throw at home or are a more experienced player who competes in tournaments, it is important to have properly sharp darts whenever you play. Having the correct level of sharpness on the points is important for the maintenance of your darts, but it will also improve your game as you will have less darts falling out of the board.

Using sharpened darts will also increase your own confidence when throwing as you will know that the chances of a dreaded ‘bounce out’ when your darts fall out after entering the board have decreased. Keeping your darts at the right level of sharpness will also help preserve your dartboard for longer, as an overly sharp point or a blunt point will damage the board and have an impact on its overall lifespan.

What happens when dart tips are too sharp?

When your dart is too sharp (or pointy) it will feel like a needle-like point when you gently run your finger over it. A point like this will not only damage your dartboard but will also cause more bounce outs. This is when a dart hits the board and immediately falls out and lands on the floor.

If you are a player who throws with quite a lot of force, then a sharp dart can leave a piercing indentation in the webbing (spider), which over time will give you an unplayable board.

Learning how to sharpen your darts will help fix the problem of having dart tips that are too sharp. A more rounded point makes for a better option, as when it meets the board the two curved edges cause the dart to slide by and continue into the board’s fibres.

Different Darts Points

What happens when dart tips are too blunt?

A dart tip that is too blunt can quickly wear out your dartboard. This is because a blunted dart will push the fibres rather than gently spread them, which means they won’t move back into place after you retrieve the dart from the board. As a result, you will start to see more permanent holes appear on your dartboard. It is important to know how to sharpen dart points as when you remove a sharpened dart, the fibres on the board will move and fall back into place.

You will also find that blunt dart tips also cause more darts to fall out of the board. This is because the flattened end on the point will not glide into the dartboard like a rounded point would. Conversely, a well-maintained dart will move between the Sisal fibres as it enters the board and stay securely in the board.

What is a dart burr?

A dart burr is what occurs when you get a small bend on the tip of your dart. This can happen when your point hits the wire on the dartboard or the wall, floor and any other hard surface.

Burrs can cause serious damage to your dartboard. If you pull a burred dart out of the board it will behave like a small hook and pull fibres out of the board.

Our experience suggests that a dart burr is the number one cause of unnecessary wear and tear on your dartboard. This is why you should learn how to sharpen darts at home so that you can always carry out essential checks on your darts for any bends or burrs after it has hit a solid surface. Knowing how to use a darts sharpener is a quick and easy way to remove any burrs on your darts.

Caring for your darts will improve your game

Taking good care of your darts will not only prolong the lifespan of your equipment but knowing how to sharpen dart tips will also improve your chances of success in matches.

If you need more tips on darts maintenance, take a look at our how to care for your darts blog, as well as our guide on how to care for your dartboard. Following these pointers will help make your darts and dartboard stay in the best shape for a longer time.

If you need to repoint your steel tip points, you will find plenty of options on our site, as well as our range of dart sharpeners to keep them in tip top condition. Darts Corner has everything you need to get you game ready, from dartboards, steel tip darts and soft tip darts to dartboard lighting, darts mats and more!

Sharpening darts with sandpaper?

There are some options for how to sharpen darts without a sharpener. While we recommend using a darts sharpener as it is easy to use and just as cost effective, if you have the materials at hand then you can discover how to sharpen darts with sandpaper.

Place a fine or medium grade sandpaper for metal on a flat surface and then take your blunt dart tip and move it from side to side on the sandpaper. Make sure you are holding the dart perpendicular to the sandpaper and rotate the dart in slight clockwise and anticlockwise motions until you cover the full diameter of the tip.

To finish, hold the point in the sandpaper and slightly twist as you pull out the dart. This will create spiral-shaped scuffs on the side of the point and adds extra grip for your points to help them stay in the board.


Now you know how to sharpen your darts

This guide on how to sharpen steel tip darts will help you maintain your favourite arrows and also improve your dart-playing experience. From player to player it will differ on how often you use a dart sharpener, but as a rule every time you get your darts out of the case it is worth a quick check to see how the points look and feel. Are they too sharp or too blunt or are they in good shape with a rounded point?

A tell-tale sign that your points need sharpening is if you are experiencing more darts falling out of the board than usual. In this instance, using a sharpener on your points can help fix this problem and make sure less darts are falling out and you are able to rack up those high scores more frequently!

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