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Darts Corner & Weekly Dartscast

Darts Corner & Weekly Dartscast

Alex Moss |

Darts Corner is delighted to announce it has secured a new partnership with the Weekly Dartscast.

Featuring exclusive interviews with the sport's biggest stars, the Weekly Dartscast is the longest-running podcast in darts. Since 2017, co-hosts Alex Moss and Burton DeWitt, alongside producer Hanna Frostman and regular contributor Matthew Kiernan, have provided darts fans with hundreds of hours of audio content.

Click here to listen to the latest episodes of the Weekly Dartscast podcast! 

The podcast has become a weekly must-listen for darts fans with the show recently celebrating its landmark 300th episode, along with a shout out live on ITV4 during their coverage of the UK Open from presenter Jacqui Oatley.

Darts Corner commented: “We’re delighted to be joining forces with the Weekly Dartscast – the number one darts podcast – to bring the latest news and player interviews to our customers! We’re thrilled that you will be able to listen to the latest news as you browse the latest darts!

“The Weekly Dartscast team do a great job bringing darts fans an engaging listen every week and we’re excited to share these podcasts as part of our darts news updates."

Alex Moss, the Weekly Dartscast co-host and co-founder, said: “To have the support of Darts Corner, a well-respected and established name in the world of darts, is a huge step forward for the Weekly Dartscast.

“Over the last six years, our team have worked hard to bring darts fans a podcast they can enjoy listening to every week. To have reached the 300-episode mark and receive recognition on a live broadcast before a major PDC final shows that we are making a positive impact on the game.

“I believe the support of Darts Corner will help the Weekly Dartscast to reach even greater heights. We are thrilled to have them on board and look forward to reaching the ears of more darts fans over the coming years ahead!”

Click here to listen to the latest episodes of the Weekly Dartscast podcast! 

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