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With a history that stretches back more than 50 years, Shot Darts is a well-established brand in the world of darts. Whether you play as a hobby or more seriously in tournaments, you will have a hint of individuality in every match with our range of Shot Darts products. From a high-quality selection of steel tip and soft tip darts to dartboards and darts mats, check out or full Shot Darts collection here.

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Shot Darts was founded in New Zealand in 1970, then under the name of Puma Darts Products. From their factory in Katikati, the manufacturer specialises in producing high-quality and precise darts products, a reputation which sees their name held in high regard in the darting world.

In 2009, the company was rebranded as Shot Darts and continues to produce a wide range of stunning darts that features a unique and hand-crafted design that is sure to catch the eye of your opponents. The brand is known for their intricately designed dart barrels and their growing list of sponsored players including the 2023 PDC world champion Michael Smith.

Michael Smith’s Signature Shot Darts collection

Michael Smith uses his signature Shot Michael Smith Achieve 24g Darts. These darts are part of his collection of products with Shot Darts, after signing with the darts manufacturer in July 2023. Smith’s Shot Darts have been specifically designed for the 2023 PDC world champion and feature a centre weighted barrel, which is his personal preference.

There are different options available in the Shot Darts Steel Tip Michael Smith range which means that everyone can play with the same quality as the ‘Bully Boy’ no matter what their own preferences are. The Shot Michael Smith Believe Darts feature the same design, but are front weighted, as opposed to centre weighted like the darts Smith uses himself.

The Michael Smith collection also includes plenty of darts accessories to help elevate your game, including the Shot Michael Smith Professional Level Dartboard made from high quality sisal, and the Shot Michael Smith Professional Surround which will protect your walls from any darts that go off target. This surround also comes with the ‘Bully Boy’ logo on either side along with the Shot branding.

Professional Quality Darts by Shot for Every Preference

Shot Darts has a wide variety of steel tip and soft tip darts to choose from, so there is something for players of all levels from beginners to professionals. For players who are just starting out on their darts journey, the Shot Scimitar Darts would make for a great first darts set. The Scimitar dart is affordable for all budgets and also comes with one set of nylon and aluminium shafts, so you can experiment with different types of shafts to see what works best for you.

The Shot Rowby-John Rodriguez Araw Darts are one of our recommended sets to try out for players who might want to experiment with their darts. The Araw dart features a slim straight barrel with ring grip and shallow mill cuts, so you can try gripping the dart at the front, centre and rear of the barrel to try out different throwing styles.

Complete your Darts Corner with Shot Darts

Pick up a new dartboard from the Shot Dartboards range to help you complete your darts setup at home. In this collection you’ll find the Shot Michael Smith Dartboard Cabinet Set which will provide you with everything you need to start playing darts at home. This set includes a dartboard and two sets of darts, along with a cabinet which comes with a scoreboard and marker pens to help you keep score of your matches.

There are dartboards available for all abilities, with options for professionals such as the Shot Michael Smith Professional Level Dartboard, and for beginners, the Shot Rogue Starter Level Dartboard is an affordable starting point for players just getting into the game. Take a look at our ‘Ultimate Home Darts Setup’ blog for some tips on how to create your own darts den at home.

Looking to freshen up your current set of darts? The Shot Dart Flights collection offers a diverse range of flights, with a variety of shapes, sizes and captivating designs to choose from.


Unsure what to buy from our Shot Darts collection? Get in touch with Darts Corner’s customer services team by using our contact us page. Our team of experts will be able to help with any queries about our range from Shot Darts and offer some guidance on any concerns about delivery and returns.

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