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How To Care For Your Darts

How To Care For Your Darts

Alex Moss |

How to make your darts last as long as possible

To get the most out of your darts it is important to look after them. In this blog we will go through various ways to care for your darts and make them last as long as possible.

Caring for your darts will help make sure your equipment stays in good condition for a long time.

Here at Darts Corner, we have some tips and pointers to properly maintain your darts.

How to care for your darts

If you have invested in a brand new set of darts, you will want to make sure they last for a long time. Looking after your darts is also a big tip for keeping your dartboard in the best condition.

To keep up to date with the maintenance of your darts it is useful to carry out regular checks. This will ensure that you are getting the most out of them and that you are not damaging the board.

A sharp dart will increase the longevity of your board, whilst a blunt tip can create holes on the board’s surface.

Check out our extensive range of steel tip darts at Darts Corner here.

Put your darts in a case

How To Care For Your Darts - How to look after your darts

Keep your darts safe and protected with a case or a wallet. Putting your darts in a case is useful for when you are on the move, and they are easy to carry with you.

You can also put all the darts accessories you need, like spare stems and flights, in a case or a wallet. Choose to represent your favourite darts brand or player or football team and browse our full selection of darts cases and wallets here.

Sharpen your darts

How To Look After Your Darts - Using a darts sharpener

Regularly sharpening your darts is an important aspect of keeping your dartboard healthy. Rubbing the end of the dart on the stone of a dart sharpener will help to sharpen the end. Find our selection of dart sharpeners here.

Make sure that you rotate the dart evenly across the surface of the stone. The ideal shape is not pointed but will resemble a ballpoint pen. Check out our how to sharpen your darts guide here.

Should I clean my darts?

It is not uncommon for players to clean their darts. Over a period of time the darts, in particular the barrels, will become dirty. This is because the barrel is the part of the dart that you are touching the most.

To clean your barrels, fill a bowl of warm water with a light detergent and use a soft brush to clean the dirt between the grooves of the dart. As an alternative you could also use wipes or other cleaning products, but it is important to dry your darts as soon as you have finished to avoid rust or the paint coming off.

Why not pick up a Mission Restore 3 Brush Cleaning Kit to help with the upkeep of your darts?

Look after your darts

Now that you know all of the best practices for looking after your darts, make sure you follow these tips so that you will keep your arrows sharp and fit for use for a long time.

If your darts have seen better days and you need a new set, we have a wide choice of steel tip darts for you to choose from, so get exploring and practicing today!

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